Sharp Sunglasses


Sharp Sunglasses


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A bold 100% bamboo frame with a matte black finish. Slightly angular, and accented with a hint of a stripe in signature Martone Cycling Co. red, with a touch of navy for contrast. These sunglasses feature the season’s signature rose gold-tinted, UV400 protected, scratch resistant polarized lenses. Steel hinges on the stems hyper extend so your sunnies always keep their shape. Effortless, light weight (they even float in water!) and totally original.
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Size Chart

  • Bikes 44 cm

    -recommended for people 5’4 to 6'1

  • Bikes 52 cm

    -recommended for people that are 5’6 to 6’

  • Bikes 56 cm

    -recommended for people that are 5’11 to 6’5


Each bike is designed to stand out with beautiful colors, striking accents and our signature red chain. With their distinctive style, our bikes serve as an extension of your personal brand. We want our bikes to make you feel and look good.


Front and rear alloy brakes combined with a smooth, quick, and easy grip shifter offer a safe and stable ride. Ergonomic design protects your posture while the 12" wide saddle keeps you comfortable and in control.

commuter bicycle in black


We're committed to building a new culture of urban cycling with our stylish and high-quality bikes.  By making bikes appealing and durable, we hope to encourage more sustainable mobility choices, so we can ride into a cleaner and brighter future together.