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for those who love adventure...

for those who love adventure...

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Experience the freedom of the road with Martone Cycling

Why Ride With Us

Superior Comfort & Optimal Safety

Built with comfort in mind, our bikes feature 12" wide leather seats, superior frames engineered for optimal control, and ergonomic design for complementing the owner's posture, vision and alertness while riding in a modern metropolis.

Head-Turning Style

Martone bikes have a distinctive and unparalleled, stand-out style that is sure to catch looks and complements. From the signature red chain to popping colors and thoughtful accents, our bikes are fashion ensombles all to themselves.

Quality Craft

From manufacturing with the utmost attention to detail to assembling with top quality materials, we ensure that Martone bike owners know dependability. Along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we offer a 5 year warranty.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the bike you purchase, we are happy to replace your bike with a brand new one or offer you a complete refund of your purchase.

Where to?

Power And Style Unite.

For those who love adventure, for those who love leisure, for everyone in between. Martone rides the line between function and fashion, so you get where you're going (in style).


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