Lorenzo Martone

My happiest childhood memory is from Christmas 1985. Santa walked in, carrying this huge red bag with my very first bike inside. All year I’d been writing letters to the North Pole, but getting the bike I’d wished for was almost too much to believe. For many years that bike was my best friend. I named her “Fina” (Portuguese for skinny) and gave her a special room in my parents’ house for proper “rest.” I was obsessed with Fina, almost as if I knew making bikes would become my career 28 years later. I am not only a designer, but also a citizen of the world. Each one of us should be aware of the dramatic and detrimental effect oil is having on our planet. My hope as a designer in this industry is to inspire and educate people that every drop of oil saved counts. Biking is a personal commitment every rider can make for a cleaner, brighter future for us all. 


About martone

Martone Cycling Company is a fashion-forward and design–driven bike company.