Head-Turning Design

Martone bikes are fashion-forward and design-driven. The vibrant color, beautifully architected frame, and the signature red chain make these bikes easily stand out from the crowd. Our bikes have been featured in films, used on runways and chosen by countless stylists and celebrities for their enduring style.


Superior Comfort

Ergonomically designed for the most comfortable ride imaginable, Martone bikes have an upright configuration that supports the rider in a proper heads-up posture, reducing back strain while enhancing safety in big cities. The 12" wide saddle and adjustable gears help the rider feel comfortable and in control on all terrain.



All bike components are built from the highest grade materials, including a Sturmey Archer 3 gear waterproof hub. Our factory in Taiwan is committed to the highest level of quality control and we stand behind our products. We proudly and confidently offer a 5 year manufactuer's warranty on all bike parts and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Each bike can be equipped with a light yet large and sturdy handle bar basket, capable of supporting up to 50 pounds. The frame is lightweight yet durable and the step-through design variant makes for easy riding with no wardrobe restrictions. The bikes require virtually zero maintenance and the durable, wide tires are sure to keep you stable and in control of your ride.

3 Speeds

3 Gear Waterproof Hub

Our bikes feature a Sturmey Archer 3 gear waterproof hub for seamless transitions across a wide range of urban terrain. It is lightweight, durable, and maintenance-free. Built from the highest grade materials available, the hub is fully enclosed to protect the internal components.