Partnership Program Overview

The goal of our corporate partnership program is to create meaningful and memorable collaborations with like minded and socially conscious brands. We'll work together to create the perfect program to maximize branding opportunities and deliver the most value to your customers, with your custom-designed bikes serving as a centerpiece.

Wether you hope to outfit your business with fleet of branded commuter bikes, add value to an existing product suite, or implement a unique new marketing program to engage new customers, we'll gladly develop a fully customized solution from the ground up to fit your unique needs.

Case Studies


Citroën turned to Martone Cycling to fully realize its vision of an active outdoor lifestyle with a chic French twist. Consequently, we designed the "Rider" bicycle as a comfortable, elegant, and sustainable mobility tool. The bikes feature the same color scheme as the concept vehicles which they accompany. Launched at the 2019 Geneva Auto show, the SpaceTourer Citroënist concept features two sleek black-and-white Martone bikes with Citröenist branding and our signature red chain.


The collaboration with Peroni required that we capture the warm, relaxed, carefree atmosphere of summers in Italy with a bold, eye-catching bike in Peroni’s signature colors. Our bikes were chosen as the foundation for the partnership because Martone Cycles reflect the quality craftsmanship, passion and flair that also represent the Peroni brand. The final product included the integrated handlebar basket, which is perfect for a trip to the farmer's market and can easily fit a six-pack of Peroni.

Brazil Foundation

Drawing inspiration from the Amazon rainforest, this one of a kind bicycle was created to underscore our shared commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Called "The Invisible Bike," this unique bike was covered in green foliage and moss. It was put on display at the Brazil Foundation Gala, held at the Lincoln Center in New York City. The goal, which was successfully accomplished through the partnership, was to raise funds via charity auction and bring awareness to the cause at hand.

Types of Partnerships

We offer 3 different product offering for our partners to choose from:


For a quick turnaround, partners can choose any of our existing stock models.


Partners can customize the aesthetics and deploy a uniquely branded fleet. Examples would include company logo or license plate


We can work together to conceptualize and create a custom bike.

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