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Hello everyone,

This is Lorenzo Martone - Founder of Martone Cycling Co.  The pandemic / Covid-19 crises has affected the world in so many different ways. For us - it meant to put a stop in the business all together for almost 2 years. Our factory is in Taiwan - country that took the crises very seriously and shut down activities completely for a while. Things there got better mid 2021.... but then.... missing parts, staff relocated, cases of covid among the team members - I  mean - you name it - everything imaginable happened.  It took us a while to get things back in track. 

The 2022  bike collection is ready - And it is a revival to the best colors, best sellers. Back to basics - a call we ( and maybe you ) had after these 2 years. If anything - it was an opportunity to get in touch with our true self, with our true values and interpretations of who we think we are. A time to deconstruct all constructs, take a moment to practice gratitude towards the things we do have, things we have accomplished but above and beyond for who we are. 

Biking is so much more than taking one from point A to point B. It's nostalgic. It's romantic, it's healthy. It's also the best way to reconnect with your environment - phone-free hopefully. Getting that breeze, listening to your favorite tune or just paying attention to the sounds of your surrounding - we call that " states of flow". Is there a best way to make this summer your most meaningful yet ? 

Pick a bike in your favorite color, with a basket or not - accessorize it ( safety first - so HELMET ! ) but then locks and lights and.... get on the road - the world is yours to explore.  Thank you for your patience while we were away - so happy to be back ! 


Lorenzo & Martone Cycling Co. 




Martone + Ron Dorff
Martone + Ron Dorff
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