Shantell Martin

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Martone Cycling collaborated with visual artist Shantell Martin to release a set of limited edition bicycles in association with

The reveal party was held at New York City's Smyth Hotel, where select friends and guests experienced the functional and imaginative cycle design firsthand.

#ShantellMartinCycle is inspired by innovative and hard-working commuters that have built careers in the ultimate creative urban environment – NYC.


The work of Shantell Martin is a meditation of lines; a language of characters, creatures and messages that invite her views to share a role in her creative process. It is in part autobiographical and part dream-like whimsy, bridging fine art, commercial and the everyday experience – conversations objects and places.

Shantell Martin, along with friends Zeyna Sy, Daniel Leeb, Lisa Weatherbee, Yale Breslin, Jia Jia Fei, Peter Davis, and Joey Jalleo rode the bicycles through their favorite parts of the city and shared the story via Instagram.

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